About Our Pre-University

Have the world at your doorstep

Welcome to Noble Guide Pre-University, where we provide students with clear pathways for world-class university education.

The Pre-University programme at Noble Guide Academy is a first-class and cost-effective platform for students seeking university and college placements in prestigious institutions within and outside Nigeria.

In partnership with international educational bodies such as Cambridge International Assessment for Education and the London College of Business & Law, we prepare students for post-secondary studies at home or abroad, allowing them to adapt to a more comprehensive and disciplined style of learning in an environment that is intensive and nurturing.

Pathways to Higher Educational Studies

With three different pathways available to secondary school leavers, students can enroll in the pre-university programme of their choice to kick start their higher education journey.

  • International University Foundation Programme (IUFP)
  • Cambridge International AS & A Level
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Explore the pathways we offer; we will help you choose the best fit!

International University Foundation Programme (IUFP)

The International University Foundation Programme (IUFP) is a pre-degree full-time university pathway course, which offers a fast-track alternative entry route to universities that have signed Progression Agreements with London College of Business and Law or informally recognised the IUFP by agreeing to accept students completing the course on a case-by-case basis, subject to passing the relevant elective subject(s) and availability of places at the preferred university of the student.

On successful completion of the IUFP, students are awarded the IUFP Completion Certificate on the recommendation of the IUFP Assessment Committee, and may proceed on full-time degree level studies at leading universities in the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia which recognise the IUFP as satisfying the entrance criteria for direct admission to the first year of their degree courses.

Progression Universities

The following Universities recognize the IUFP as satisfying their entrance criteria for direct admission into the first year of their degree courses

  1. Trent University, Ontario, Canada
  2. University of Greenwich, United Kingdom
  3. University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
  4. St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London, United Kingdom
  5. Aston University, United Kingdom
  6. Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom
  7. Keele University, United Kingdom
  8. University of Chester, United Kingdom
  9. University of Exeter, United Kingdom
  10. University of Kent, United Kingdom
  11. University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
  12. University of Sussex, United Kingdom
  13. Leads Beckett University, United Kingdom
  14. Middlesex University (UK, Dubai & Mauritius Campuses)
  15. Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom
  16. University of Western Australia

Benefits of the IUFP

  1. Direct admission route

The IUFP university pathway course offers a direct entry route to prestigious Universities for degree courses. As an international student based in Nigeria, completing the IUFP after your secondary education gives you the opportunity to study in any of the recognized IUFP partner universities with no extra qualification necessary.

  1. Gain sought-after skills

Undertaking the IUFP equips students with the skills required to ease into degree courses at leading Universities without the need to undertake a two-year GCE A Levels course.

  1. Wide Range of Degree Courses

Whatever your desired field of study, the IUFP offers a wide range of courses for study from Accounting, Finance, Banking, Business, Economics, Management, Computing, Information Systems, Mathematics, Medical Sciences, Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing, to Engineering, Law, Criminology, Social Sciences, Linguistics and Media & Cultural Studies.

  1. Cost Effective International Foundation Programme

Taking the IUFP in your home country allows huge financial savings for parents when compared to undertaking a university Foundation course at a University in Australia, Canada, UK or the USA, with the same success outcome!

  1. University Placement Support

The IUFP is a highly structured and comprehensive programme that supports students not only during the programme, but also assists them secure a place at a leading University via IUFP’s University Placement Service in a fair process.

  1. Offers Opportunity to Grow Before Overseas Study

Still too young after secondary school? For a period of six months up to one year, the IUFP affords students more time to gain maturity in his/her home country, academically, socially and psychologically, before departing overseas for studies.

  1. No Extra Proof of Language Testing

The Academic English module, one of the core subjects of the course, suffices as proof of English Language competency for IUFP students who wish to study in Australia or Canada. However, students who wish to progress to UK universities need only a Credit grade in English Language in their O’ Level examination!

  1. Get a prestigious university education

State-of-the-art facilities, high academic standards, influential network and better employment opportunities are some of the gains of studying in a top university. The IUFP not only provides you with this edge but gives you the option to choose from a list of prestigious universities!

Duration of Programme

The duration of the IUFP is divided into:

  • Intensive Scheme (6 Months)
  • Standard Scheme (9 Months)

Core Subjects

Academic English

Study Skills

IT Applications

Elective Subjects


Business Studies










Government and Politics

Enrollment Criteria

To be enrolled for IUFP, students must have completed their Senior Secondary Education and be at least 16 years old. They must have acquired 5 credits in their ‘O’ Level exam (WAEC/NECO/Cambridge IGCSE/Cambridge ‘O’ Level), including English Language and Mathematics.

Why Study with Us?

Flexible and accessible mode of learning

We offer a hybrid teaching and learning platform which makes the programme accessible to every student in any part of the country.

In-person learning

Lectures are delivered in-person within our state-of-the-art facilities, including boarding accommodation for students who would prefer physical classes.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

In an effort to ensure every student, irrespective of location, has access to quality education pathways which give them the opportunity to study in the university of their dreams, Noble Guide Pre-University offers Virtual Learning Environments where students have access to all the course modules and online tutors for support and guidance.

However, during examination, students will be expected to travel down to the school facility for the written progression and placement examinations under the supervision of delegates from the London College of Business and Law (LCBL).

Personable Learning Environment

At Noble Guide Pre-University, you are a person and not just a statistic. Our small classroom leaning environment makes you a part of an enriching learning community with one-to-one tutoring opportunities.

Certified Teaching Staff

Our dedicated teachers are highly qualified, certified by the awarding educational bodies to teach the course in their respective subject areas.

Support for Skill and Personal Growth

Your personal growth and development are key in reaching your academic goals. At Noble Guide Academy, we focus on your best attributes, helping you grow into your potentials in school and life.


Start Dates

The standard starting periods are both January and September.

However, we have bespoke (tailor-made) plans for students that target admission into UK universities in September.