Noble Guide Curriculum is a successful blend of the Nigerian, British and Montessori curriculum which operates within the Islamic perspectives. The curriculum is robust with a special emphasis on literacy and communication skills in both the general and Islamic Education.

The curriculum further covers the following levels of Education:

Leadership Education

The pupils’ skills imagination and creativity are developed to prepare them for leadership through project works, making presentations and study of world-class leaders.

Spiritual & Moral Education

Self-respect, self-discipline and introspection are fostered in the pupils through the study of the life and teachings of the prophets of Allah. The holy Quran is being recited and memorized constantly for its mastery.

Intellectual Education

The pupils’ are guided in acquiring knowledge in different subject areas to cope with the needs of the society. They are also helped to develop their inquiring minds, and the ability to self-learning to cope with the ever-changing World.

Social Education

Pupils are made to understand interpersonal relationships and develop proper community life. They also understand their rights and obligations to Allah, the creator, then the society. They are encouraged to appreciate and value their African tradition and be patriotic to our country, Nigeria.

Physical Education

A variety of sporting and extracurricular activities are provided to the pupils to train their minds and bodies. Team sport and cooperation are also fostered through partner and group games.


 Mathematics Development

 Communication & Language


 Personal, Social & Emotional Development

 Physical Development

 Expressive Arts & Design

 Knowledge & Understanding of the World

 Spiritual Development




 Social Studies

 Science and Technology

 Physical and Health Education

 Islamic Religious Knowledge

 Arts, Design and Technology

 Computer Studies

 Quantitative Reasoning

 Verbal Reasoning


 Arabic Literacy & communication

 Quran Recitation and Memorization