A child new to Noble Guide Academy will not be permitted to take up his or her place until the full term’s fees have been paid, except in exceptional circumstances and by prior arrangement with the Head of School.

A bank teller’s slip will be given along with the Acceptance Form.

The school can issue an annual fee bill so that only one payment per year is necessary. A discount of 5% of Tuition fee is allowed against the annual tuition fee if this is paid in full before 31st August in subsequent years.

Please contact the accountant if you would prefer to pay in this way.

For children joining the school after the start of term the full term fee is due unless the child does not join the school until after the half – term break, in which case only half the tuition fee is payable.

This will be detailed on the term’s fee bill.

For children already accepted into the school and parents wish to withdraw after full payment of fees, a 5% of the total fee will be deducted before resumption and 25% fee after resumption. The same applies to all returning pupils, even when no payment has been made.

This serves as an administrative charge.

The date by which school fees must be paid is clearly stated and we do respectfully request that parent note and keep to these dates.

2017 / 2018
Fee bill issuedFees to be paid byTerm commences
Term 1July 2018August 31, 2018September 11, 2018
Term 2December 2018January, 2019January, 2019
Term 3March 2019April 2019April 2019
If the total annual fee bill is paid before August 31, 2017 a 5% discount is allowed.


  • Collect the following from the Admin. Office:
  • Receipt, Admission letter and car sticker.
  • Complete school wear and sportswear.
  • Parent’s Pick-up card.
  • Collect supplementary forms.
  • Upon presentation of the receipt to the Admission’s coordinator, the pupil will be taken to the classroom.
  • Parents may not take new pupils unaccompanied to the classrooms.


It is only when the receipted teller form has been received by the Accountant that we acknowledge receipt of payment. A school receipt is issued when you return the receipted teller form to the school.

In order to assist our Accountant’s office in matching tellers received to fees due, please ensure your bank teller clearly identifies the child to whom it relates.

The fee bill must be paid by the due date stated. The appropriate dates are clearly printed on the fee information for the year. If you are out of town when fees are due you must make arrangements for the payment to be made. Any child whose school fees remain unpaid on the due date will be removed from the school lists and parents may need to make a fresh application (subject to the availability of a place) and pay the registration and Capital Development Levy again.

If for any reason a parent knows they will be unable to pay the school fee bill by the due date a letter should be sent to the Head of School in good time explaining the circumstances and requesting an extension. This cannot be done retrospectively after the fees are due. The Head of School has the discretion to approve an extension to the due date and ask you to arrange an appointment to discuss the circumstances.

The School reserves the right to make a surcharge of 10% per month or part of month for late fees. If you know that your child will be leaving Noble Guide Academy, please advise the Head of School as early as possible, in writing so that no fee invoice is sent and so that your child’s place can be offered to a pupil on our waiting list.


It is the School Policy not to accept any payment in cash; instead, all monies must be paid at the Bank and the Teller presented at School as proof of payment. All tellers must clearly identify the child to whom it relates.