1. Pupils are accepted for places at Noble Guide Academy within these age groups following the UK
educational system.

a. Collect registration form from the Admin. Office or download it from our website for a sum of N7,000 (non–refundable). You may pay at the Accounts Office via our POS terminal or make a transfer of the same sum to the school’s accounts Noble Guide Academy Limited, GTBank, 0025425427, or Noble Guide
Academy Limited, Jaiz Bank, 0002552398, and forward the evidence of payment in person or via email or Whatsapp to the following addresses:,
Whatsapp – 07036965897

A tour of the school can sometimes be arranged at this point. It is always necessary to call in advance for an appointment to meet the Head of School. There are some admission situations that require his involvement.

b. Complete the Registration Form and submit to the Secretary together with:
• Transfer Certificate from previous school
• Photocopy of birth certificate.
• Photocopy of last school report ( Reception – Grade 4 only)
• Four recently snapped passport-sized photographs (name written on the back)

c. Following receipt of the completed documentation, prospective pupils will be invited to visit the school for assessment as appropriate for Pre – School and Primary School placement. (See Assessment).

d. After the assessment visit, the Head of School will discuss the results with the parent concerned and then decide
on the class placement. This process takes a minimum of 24 hours.
The Head of School’s decision is final.

e. Children are offered places in the school based on:
• Results of an academic assessment, which may include reports from a previous school.
• Siblings already in the school.
• Date of submission of Registration Form

f. Our policy is to assess children in the educational year group approved as the correct one for their age under the
British System. However, from the result of the assessment, the child will be placed in the best class (s)he can
comfortably operate in. Occasionally, parents ask us to assess their children a year below the approved
standard, and we usually oblige such a request. However, we will not usually consent to a request to assess a
child in the year group above the approved standard; nor sustain any acceleration of a child made by another
school, unless there is convincing evidence that it would be educationally sound to do so in the context of Noble
Guide Academy.

No formal assessment is given to children who are to be placed in Toddler and Playpen classes.
However, they should be brought to the school for physical observation.
Children to be placed in Preparatory – J-Prep Class are required to sit an entry formal assessment. This test assesses
each child’s learning and potential based on the school’s hybrid curriculum standard.
Admission Procedures 2020 / 2021 session
The child’s last report card from his/her previous school is equally required during the placement test for cross-referencing.
A date and time will be given for the child to come for the entry assessment.

After your child passes the entry assessment, the Head of School will write to you with a formal Offer of Admission, and
issue an Acceptance Form.
The Acceptance Form must be signed by the parent(s) and returned, together with the child’s medical certificate. Complete
payment of School Fees has to be made before admission is confirmed and the final Admission Letter is issued.
If the signed acceptance form and payment are not received by the given date, any place allocated will be offered to the
next child on the waiting list.

A child new to Noble Guide Academy will not be permitted to take up his or her place until the full term’s fees have been paid, except in exceptional circumstances and by prior arrangement with the Head of School.
A bank teller slip will be given along with the Acceptance Form if a parent prefers to pay this way.
The school can issue an annual fee bill so that only one payment per year is necessary. A discount of 5% on Tuition
fee is allowed against the annual tuition fee if this is paid in full before 31st August in subsequent years.
Please contact the Accountant if you would prefer to pay in this way.
For children joining the school after the start of term the full term fee is due unless the child does not join the school until after the half–term break, in which case only half the tuition fee is payable.
This will be detailed on the term’s fee bill.
There shall be no refund of Tuition fees after payment has been made for both new and returning pupils.
The date by which school fees must be paid is clearly stated and we do respectfully request that parents note and keep to these dates.
2019 / 2020
Term Fee bill issued Fees to be paid by Term commences
Term 1 July 2020 August 31, 2020, September 9, 2020
Term 2 December 2020 January 2021 January 2021
Term 3 March 2021 April 2021 April 2021If the total annual fee bill is paid before August 31, 2020, a 5% discount is allowed.

Collect the following from the Admin. Office:
Admission letter
Car sticker
Complete schoolwear and sportswear
Parent’s Pick-up card.
Supplementary forms
Upon presentation of the receipt to the Admissions coordinators, the pupil will be taken to the classroom.