Pupils are accepted for places at Noble Guide Academy within these age groups following the UK educational system.

ClassAgeBirth Date Falls Between
Toddler0ne year by (by 31 December)1 Jan. 2016 – 31 Dec 2017
PlaypenTwo years (by 31 December)1 Jan. 2015 – 31 Dec. 2017
PreparatoryThree years (by 31 December)1 Jan. 2014 - 31 Dec. 2017
NurseryFour years (by 31 December)1 Jan. 2013 – 31 Dec. 2017
ReceptionFive years (by 31 December)1 Jan. 2012 – 31 Dec. 2017
Grade 1Six years (by 31 December)1 Jan. 2011 – 31 Dec. 2017
Grade 2Seven years (by 31 December)1 Jan. 2010 – 31 Dec. 2017
Grade 3Eight years ( by 31 December)1 Jan. 2009 – 31 Dec. 2017
Grade 4Nine years (by 31 December)1 Jan. 2008 – 31 Dec. 2017
Grade 5Ten years (by 31 December)1 Jan. 2007 – 31 Dec. 2017
JPREPEleven years (by 31 December)1 Jan. 2006 – 31 Dec. 2017

 Collect admission pack from the Admin. Office or download it from our website and pay a sum of N 5,000.00 Registration fee (non – refundable). Pay in cash at the office or online and come with a print out for proof of payment. A tour of the school can sometimes be arranged at this point. It is always necessary to telephone in advance for an appointment to meet the Head of School. There are some admission situations which require her involvement.

 Complete the registration form and submit to the Secretary together with:

• Transfer Certificate from previous school
• Photocopy of birth certificate.
• Photocopy of last school report ( Reception – Grade 4 only)
• Photocopy of health certificate / immunization record card (this must be up – to – date at the point
of admission).
• Four recently snapped passport – sized photographs (name written on the back)

 Following receipt of the completed documentation, prospective pupils will be invited to visit the school for assessment as appropriate for Pre – School and Primary School places. (See Assessment).

 After the assessment visit, the Head of School will discuss the results with the teacher concerned and then decide on the allocation of a class. This process takes a minimum of 24hours.

The Head of School’s decision is final.

 Children are offered places in the school based on:

  • Results of an educational assessment, which may include reports from a previous school.
  • Siblings in the school.
  • Date of submission of registration form

 Our policy is to assess children in the educational year group which is the correct one for their age under the British System. However, from the result of the assessment, the child will be placed in the best class the child can comfortably operate in. Occasionally, parents ask us to assess their child a year below the “correct” year, and we will usually oblige such a request. However, we will not usually accede to a request to assess a child in the year group above his / her “correct” one, nor sustain any acceleration of a child made by another school, unless there is startling evidence that it would be educationally sound to do so in the context of Noble Guide Academy.