Welcome to the Noble Guide Academy (NGA) Abuja, an affordable Co-Educational day and boarding school that is determined.

At Noble Guide Academy, we believe that an important academic goal is to provide holistic educational experience for our students. Towards this end, we are continuously looking for ways to improve the quality of learning at our school.

Noble Guide Academy Abuja is established against the backdrop of this crisis. Our vision and mission statements set to address crises deeply rooted in our educational system. So, established on February 5, 2005 as a comprehensive Islamic school, the school borrows ideas from the British Cambridge standard. The contents in our national system is sustained; but delivered through:

  1. Islamic perspectives, training our pupils on sound principles of living as practiced by the Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (SAW); with the science of Qur’an Recitation (Tajweed) and Memorization (Tahfeez) in addition
  2. Cambridge scheme and methodologies, availing pupils broad perspectives for creativity; and preparing them to take charge of the challenges of this century and beyond
  3. Montessori pupils-centered method, giving more than enough space to pupils to explore the world of learning freely and independently.